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SHIFT is created by Northwest based jewelry designer, Deborah Funches. In 2006, Deborah launched her signature line, Deborah Funches Jewelry Design, featuring handcrafted, vintage-inspired pieces. After years of creating brightly colored baubles, Deborah decided to expand her offerings. 


In 2014, after requests for more personal jewelry choices, Deborah launched SHIFT accessories. This collection features handcrafted jewelry made out of steel and bronze. Each creation is a little different, as they are all individually cast and kiln fired.  For Deborah, inspiration for SHIFT is endless - simple things like walking through the woods, exploring a vintage boutique, or sifting through a flea market in Paris, are all opportunities to create something special. 

Reflecting Deborah's love of vintage, the collection's logo is a shift key, from a vintage 1910 Underwood typewriter.  To the artist, it's a symbol of her work: reimagining what was and celebrating what will be.